WOC Iowa

A passion project I’m working on to showcase, focus and center the gaze on WOC in Iowa.

I want to reach out and have an open, honest and deep conversation about cultural identity and to draw parallels from our experiences while understanding the differences.

Follow the hashtag: #wociowa

Are you a WOC with ties to Iowa? Want to be a part of the series?  Send me an email!
Nikkia Rose

31 / Black and Iranian American

Instagram: @nikkiarose

Torri Rochelle Myers + Trish Ann Myers

27 + 34 / Half -Korean (American)

Instagram: @torrimyers + @twishagain

Peyton Mahlon Lillian Johnson

20 / Black American

Instagram: @notoriouspey

Angela Debra Omuk Rauch (Oh-Muk) (Rah-ow) (formerly Lee)

36 / Korean American

Instagram: @somuchseoul

Courtney Lovan Wolfe (Lo-Von)

28 / Taidam American

Instagram: @courtbby_

Nyah Marie Noyes

17 / Multi-ethnic American

Instagram: @ _nyah_marie_

Elizabeth Cruz Magsino (aka Zet Gold) 

25 / Filipino American

Instagram: @zetgold

Maria Ida Ka-Yeng Tsui (Choi)

30 / Chinese American

Instagram: @maria_tsui

MahaRajaa Malikah Daaiyah Camp-Bey (Dye-ee-yuh)

23 / Moorish American

Instagram: @_sevenmindz

Judy 지영 (Ji Young) Lee

26 / Korean American

Instagram: @judyjylee

Madison Christine Kim

23 / Korean American

Instagram: @mddkm

Jessica Leilani Cecelia Villegas (Lay-lon-ee) (Be-jay-gaus)

30 / Puerto Rican American

Instagram: @sassycellist22

Leiz Ka Chan (Leez)

17 / Chinese American

Instagram: @vitalsunset

Muoi Tam Duong (also known as my ma)

67 / Chinese American (from Vietnam)

Instagram: #muoiandkent

Eliana Jazovi Lowry (Ellie Aw-nah) (ha-so-vee)

23 / Ecuadorian American

Instagram: @elilowry

Samantha Lee Golbuff 

18 / Vietnamese American

Instagram: @samgolbuff

Christine Tran (aka Chen Keen Ping)

25 / Chinese American

Instagram: @earl_grey_t