Sady in the East Village

I met Sady a little over a month ago at Scenic Route Bakery, which is now one of my favorite coffee shops. We bonded over our introverted tendencies, how our dogs love our significant others more than us and our choice in baked goods. She's a fellow graphic designer, wanderlust and has an impressive creative drive.

Nicole in the East Village

This is Nicole. She is a lifestyle photographer and owner of Preservation, an exquisitely curated vintage and modern lifestyle shop in the East Village. Nicole just has such a great eye for style. I couldn't stop gushing over her outfit that she wore yesterday. It's pretty recent, that she has set out to own her own business and turned her dream into a reality, and I can't wait to see more from her. For me that's the goal - to wake up every morning, excited to work for yourself. I'm happy to know so many strong, creative women in this city. 


Chelsea in the Drake Neighborhood

I met with Chelsea for coffee at Mars Cafe after work today. I gave her some advice on social media, marketing, and websites. Then, we walked around the Drake neighborhood and found some nice, textured and weathered backdrops! Chelsea is a professional princess, wants to find a way to do some good in this world, and she is very sweet. She also runs Vegans of Iowa along with her boyfriend.