This is Hannah. I met her recently, about a month ago when reconnecting with an old friend because of the Des Moines Girl Gang that I started with a few friends (more on this later). We went to high school together, but never crossed paths. She's an assistant manager at a boutique in the East Village. She's into fashion and street style and wants to be more creative, learn more about photography and start a blog with her friend in London. We met for coffee at Scenic Route and I let her borrow my old SLR so she could start practicing. We walked around the East Village and explored beyond. I'm really happy I am getting to know this sweet girl and can't wait to see her future creative endeavors.


Sarah in the East Village


I'm glad I finally got to have a one on one session with Sarah. She is such a talented photographer, a sweetheart and allover wonderful human being. She's one to watch for sure, I can't wait to see her get even better (if possible) and go on more adventures with her. Today we explored the East Village and had breakfast and coffee at Scenic Route bakery.

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This is Alex. I've known her since high school, but only in the past couple years have we become good friends. She's been a wonderful friend. She's talented, strong, beautiful and has the hugest heart. She has so much vintage knowledge, it blows my mind. Today we explored Greenwood park and caught an amazing sunset at the end of the night. I'm excited for future adventures with this one.

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Valley Junction with Lizzie

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It's rare that I create instant bonds with someone, yet it's happened a few times these past few months. Lizzie is one of the many amazing, creative, and talented women I have met just recently through morning shoots and just stepping out of my comfort zone. Getting to know her has been so wonderful and we have so much in common. I am excited to watch our friendship grow and for many more photography adventures.

Today we explored Valley Junction and the shadows in her home.

Also, this is my first shoot with my new Canon 6D! I'm really happy with how all these photos turned out.

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Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Honestly, for the past two years since my last blog, Koi Story ended, I hadn't picked up my camera to use it for a very long time, but recently I started going on these morning shoots with some amazing and creative photographers which has been an amazing experience. I have plenty of photos that I will share soon.

Meeting new people has also been a goal of mine. This is my new friend Tia, she is an amazing artist, a cake decorator, animal enthusiast, and all around awesome girl.

Vintage in the City

Went vintage/antique shopping today by myself. It was nice. I stopped at Found Things (sadly the store closes after today), Porch Light, Reclaimed and Funky Finds. I picked up a few things (shown above). Then, I had a lovely lunch and catch-up session at La Mie Bakery with my cousin. All-in-all good day. 


I've been working on a project for band, On Dolphin. The theme is layers and I am experimenting with image transfers and a little metallic paint. I'm excited to see this come together!

Félin & Flora

Did you know about my side project with Abby Galloway, Félin & Flora? Well, right now, it is a collaboration of our illustrations and pattern making. Our theme right now is the rainforest. We have plenty of ideas of what we would like to do with these patterns. For now, you can buy t-shirts at our shop! We should be listing some things on Society 6 soon as well! I am really excited and proud of how our collaboration is turning out and there will be so much more. Stay tuned!

What kinds of items would you like to see these patterns on?

Ginko Trees

A few pretty Fall photos taken around the beautiful yellow ginkgo trees by my office. Photos were by Karla Conrad, after a wonderful creative lunch discussion we had.