Alexandria Crahan Business Cards


Wow, I didn't realize life would all of the sudden get so hectic right after I started this blog. It's been a while since I've posted! That's ok though, I love being busy, it makes life feel worthwhile. Anyways, I wanted just pop in and share with you the options that I created and gave to Alex use for her business cards. As I've said before, I love options and giving others the opportunity to see how each part of their brand can exist together. I love the geometric honeycomb elements mixed with a feminine/vintage inspired color palette and the hand drawn bee. I think they contrast well and in turn compliment each other. I feel as though her style of photography is of course inspiration for her brand, and it's all starting to come together nicely if I do say so myself! Since I had created all of those elements for her branding beforehand, this part was pretty easy. I just had to start piecing everything together. For the final business cards though, the contact information is regular not italic because it's more legible. Other than that there weren't many changes. She decided to order the ones with the honeycomb pattern on one side and a white background with black text on the other.

What do you think about the cards?