Alexandria Crahan Branding Progress


I'm really happy I get to share this branding project I am working on for my friend Alex and her budding photography business - Alexandria Crahan // Art + Photography.

Having Alex as a client has been an absolute delight. It's so great that she is able to express exactly what she wants to me. Her vision is pretty clear. She even started a pinterest board full of inspiration for me to look at. We had a meeting and talked through everything she wanted including but not limited to - a soft and feminine bright color palette (turquoise, green, mustard, peachy pink, black and white), contrasting and vintage inspired typography, interchangeable patterns and something to do with bees.

I think it's going great. The color palette is harmonious and cheerful. Everything feels balanced and they all share qualities. I've been really excited about this project, so I hope you enjoy seeing the progress thus far. I would love to post again when everything is finalized.

Any thoughts would be lovely!