Samantha Lee Golbuff

18 / Vietnamese American 

“What I gained most from our particular conversation is that I have a long learning journey ahead of me. I know that I don’t know all that there is to know about being a woc, but then again, being a woc is not a definition, and it is in fact just you; there’s nothing else to it. I also believe finding a sense of belonging will help shape my identity as someone who genetically has so little of it (being asian) yet I identify so much with it. I hope others sharing can vocalize at least a slice of what’s going on inside our heads everyday. To sum it up, I’d say we’re all in a state of evolvement.”

Instagram: @samgolbuff

We talked about how her mom at age 6 and my parents in their 30s traveled from Vietnam to here (America). Her mom, sister and grandma were refugees that stopped in Malaysia and then landed here (just like my dad and his family). Food is a huge connection we both have to our cultures and hope that one day we can cook like our moms even though they don’t really follow recipes or use proper measurements.

We had this conversation in my studio (439) at Mainframe in Des Moines, Iowa.

WOC Iowa is a passion project I’m working on to showcase, focus and center on WOC in Iowa. I want to reach out and have an open, honest and deep conversation about cultural identity and to draw parallels from our experiences while understanding the differences.